Our Story.

Leanne is the founder of Meath-based bare: skin wellness, and crafter of all of our natural skin wellness products. She is mother to three young boys, teacher of home economics and business owner.

A lifelong advocate for nutrition and natural health as well as a long career in nutrition education, Leanne has ventured into the world of natural skincare. Driven by a deep passion for wellness and a desire to provide people with gentle and effective skincare solutions, she created her own line of natural skincare products. Combining her expertise in nutrition with her extensive research on natural ingredients, Leanne formulates products that promote healthy and radiant skin without the use of harsh chemicals or artificial additives. Leanne's natural skincare line reflects her commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness. She carefully sources ingredients from reputable suppliers, prioritizing local, organic and ethically harvested materials. Through her products, she aims to encourage individuals to embrace a holistic approach to self-care while being mindful of the environment.

Bare: skin wellness is a family business, created with family wellness in mind. Leanne has created a range of products to meet the needs of all family members, in every stage of life. Hormone health is central to our ethos, and that means no hormone disrupting chemicals in ANY of our products. We created hormone-safe products that won't disrupt normal hormonal balance during the critical hormonal development during pregnancy and breastfeeding. We created products that wouldn't disrupt hormonal balance and development during the teenage years. We created products that wouldn't mimic oestrogen or lower testosterone in the sports people in your family. We created products that don't interfere with the significant hormonal changes occurring in the menopausal woman in your family. And crucially we created products that were safe, gentle and kind. 

Treat yourself with kindness. Return your skin to wellness.
- leanne browne

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