Cocoa Vanilla Lip Butter


Introducing our Cocoa Vanilla Lip Butter – a luscious and indulgent treat for your lips, carefully crafted with a blend of natural, plant-based ingredients. This lip butter is designed to provide intense hydration and a delectable cocoa-vanilla experience, all while adhering to sustainable and eco-conscious practices.

Elevate your lip care routine with our Cocoa Vanilla Lip Butter, a true testament to the beauty of natural ingredients and sustainable packaging. Nourish your lips with the goodness of plant-based oils and enjoy the delectable cocoa-vanilla flavor. It’s more than lip care; it’s a celebration of nature, indulgence, and eco-conscious living.

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Cocoa Vanilla Soothing Lip Butter contains a decadent blend of macadamia, sweet almond, jojoba and marula oils, and is enriched with hydrating cocoa butter and vitamin E. The addition of vanilla essential oil give a rich aroma that feels smooth, buttery and luxuriously soft on the skin and lips.


This balm is hormone safe. It does not contain any endocrine disrupting chemicals or compounds and is 100% natural and safe for use on skin and lips.


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