Tallow Trio Skin Saviours Gift Box



Introducing the Tallow Trio Skin Saviours Gift Box – your ultimate solution for nurturing, soothing, and restoring your skin naturally. This extraordinary gift box is carefully curated to cater to those seeking relief from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, or general skin irritations. The Tallow Trio comprises three exceptional tallow-based skin wellness products, all meticulously crafted with natural and organic ingredients, dedicated to promoting your skin’s natural health and wellness.

Bó Butter: Whipped Tallow Balm: Our bestselling Bó Butter is a true multitasking miracle. Whipped to perfection, it’s a luxurious tallow balm that can be used as a face moisturizer, body lotion, hand cream, and even a potent skin-repairing remedy. The rich, nourishing properties of tallow provide deep hydration and replenishment to your skin. Whether you’re combating dryness, fine lines, or seeking intense rejuvenation, Bó Butter offers an indulgent, yet natural solution to your skin’s needs.

Bumble Bó: Tallow & Honey Balm: For those seeking a soothing salve for skin and lips, Bumble Bó Tallow & Honey Balm is your go-to remedy. Infused with the goodness of organic Irish tallow and local raw honey, it’s the perfect elixir for irritated skin conditions. This balm is your trusted companion in alleviating discomfort and dryness. It works to calm and heal your skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple, and naturally restored.

Soften: Tallow Dry Skin Treatment: The Soften Tallow Dry Skin Treatment is a blend of nourishment and revitalization infused with the refreshing scents of lemongrass and cedarwood. Specifically designed to repair and rehydrate dry skin, it’s your ticket to comfort and wellness. This balm has been carefully crafted to alleviate the discomfort of hardened, dehydrated, cracked or calloused skin. With its unique blend of skin-softening ingredients, it’s the perfect solution for revitalizing your skin’s natural softness.

Why choose our gift sets:

  • Purest ingredients: We take pride in sourcing the finest organic, natural and local ingredients for our products to ensure you receive the very best in skin wellness. Our tallow is sourced from County Wicklow, where the cows are 100% grass-fed, organically and ethically raised.
  • Hormone-safe: All of our products are carefully formulated to be 100% free from hormone-disrupting chemicals like synthetic fragrance, chemical preservatives, phthalates, silicones, allergens or parabens. Our promise to you is that we will use only natural ingredients that respect your body’s natural hormonal balance.
  • Sustainable & Eco-Friendly: Our commitment to sustainability means that our packaging and gift-wrapping is eco-friendly, and we support Irish businesses and local Irish farms committed to responsible farming practices.
  • Thoughtfully Hand-Crafted: Bare: Skin Wellness offerings are not just products; they’re an experience. Each item is carefully selected to create a harmonious and calming atmosphere in your space and a be a key part of your self-care and wellness rituals.
  • Perfect for Gifting: Our  gift boxes are the perfect present for yourself or a loved one, ideal for Christmas, birthdays or any special occasion. Your gift shows you care, not just for the wellness of your loved ones, but for small businesses, local Irish crafters, Irish farmers and a healthier environment.
  • Self-Care, Simplified: We believe that taking care of yourself should be easy. With bare: skin wellness, you can effortlessly incorporate self-care into your daily routine.


RRP €55

Special gifting price only €50


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